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Text Box: In addition to refurbishing your jewels for appearance purposes, we can also modify them to preserve the history of the jewel. Folding flaps can be added for purposes of adding the name, position, etc. of the new owner while preserving the information about the original owner on the surface below. New owner information can also be added to available surfaces so that any original engraving is preserved. All work can be done while maintaining the material level of the base jewel such as Gold Filled, 10kt or 14kt Gold as well as gold plated jewels. Flaps can be downgraded to add a Gold Filled flap to a 10kt or 14kt jewel to contain costs. 
Text Box: For those of you not familiar with the quality of the work that Roulet Company does in refurbishing jewels, you can contact the following for a reference, whom you may already know.

Gerald Millar, Executive Secretary
AASR Grand Rapids
233 E. Fulton
5th Floor Masonic Temple
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 454-9497

Gerry is a 33° Mason and runs the Supreme Council Northern Jurisdiction marketplace at the annual meeting, as well as many other AASR functions.
Text Box: Below are two more examples of before/after pictures. A dramatic change is evident with the new ribbons. A hinge repair has also been done to the jewel on the left. The jewel on the left had a missing cross that has been restored in the after picture. In both cases the jewels have been cleaned, polished and re-plated in gold. Chipped enamel was also repaired on this jewel.

Since each jewel that is going to be refurbished is an individual case, cost of refurbishing is dependant on the amount of work required to meet your goals. We will be happy to provide a quote after examining the jewel. The contact page  of this website gives our mailing address, phone numbers, and e-mail address to make it easy for you to contact us and discuss your needs.

Roulet’s offers refurbishing service for your older, worn jewels. This service offers repair for any damaged parts to the jewel. This can include damaged or broken jump ring, damaged hinges or lost decorative parts such as crowns, crosses, etc. Worn and frayed ribbons are replaced with crisp, clean new ribbons. The jewel is expertly cleaned and re-plated as needed. The photos above show the dramatic change in appearance that is possible. All of these things can be accomplished without changing the integrity of the jewel.







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